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And the best part... This software wasn't created by some "accounting geek" or "white collar pinhead" who knows NOTHING about the contracting business.

Below are just a few of the many benefits packed inside the Contractor Estimate Pro Desktop Version of this software.

NOTE: The following is only a tiny list of the many features of the Contractor Estimate Pro Software just to give you an idea of it's power and productivity.

  • You can have your laptop with you at all times using Contractor Estimate Pro - you can easily create contract proposals and have all the information we've you, and create a professional looking proposal/contract in just a matter of minutes.

  • Unlimited amount of users and user levels - You can store this enterprise type softwareon your main computer at your office in build your office environment or network with unlimited amount of users connected to the software, and all sharing the same data files.

  • Using the same data for all your files - using a software platform you have the ability to reuse the same data for all contracts, proposals, and your calendar events to keep track of all your information in one nice customer data management center.

  • Fast Installation with simple company configuration - we have included many proposals contracts customer files in this highly functional software program, you will be able to use all these tools to build your contractor business... you have the ability use all the information search in one database for all of your company files and current clients.

  • Built in e-mail server - we have also included a first-class e-mail server system that allows you to send contracts, proposals and form letters to your clients in a matter of minutes, this is a highly functional e-mail server program working from your desktop.

  • Customize letters for your contractor business - We have also included many forms and contracts that are professionally written to help you run your contractor business better, and also be included terms conditions to help protect you against irregularities.

  • Your Own Contractor company calendar - We have included a customizable calendar that you can use for all your appointments and scheduling jobs. You can also use this calendar to set appointments for regular sales meetings or meeting with clients or vendors.

  • Jobsite photos for all of your contracts - We have also added a built-in photo centerto use for your jobsite photos, adding before-and-after images to your contracts to keep that highly professional image for your contractor business. Photos add a lot of professionalism to an agreement or contract that shows all the work that needs to be completed before the job starts, and also protects you in case something doesn't look right after the job is completed.

  • Using the best mapping system with Google - Our software engineer included Google maps to help your sales people find their jobs, and also your production staff to have a direct route to get to the job site. This is a free tool from Google and has all the information and directions to help you take a look at the job from aerial views to see more about your new project, and if there is any possible additional work you could find in the area.

  • Dashboard interface with built-in company statistics - we included a highly functioning dashboard interface that allows you to get a full snapshot of everything that's going on in your company, like sales projections or sales graphs that give you a real snapshot of what's going on. You can also export all of these stats with Excel or PDF so you can have these for sales meetings and sales projections for the upcoming season or project.

  • Working with insurance companies - we also have built contractor estimate Pro to help you build insurance estimates by adding products, photos and a complete description of everything that you're going to need, and most importantly what the insurance company wants. You'll save time and money by using a software program that includes all the tools you need to work with insurance companies which can help close more insurance sales.

  • Contractor Estimate Pro offers a network security - You can store the data file on a single server or computer and use the same file for multiple computers to link into, and this gives you the flexibility of being able to grow your business, and make backup files easily. Install a firewall to keep your data secure at all times in contractor estimate Pro working as your customer management system to help you completely run your contractor business.

  • Searching for your customer data has never been easier - Contractor Estimate Pro has added a very powerful search systemthat quickly will scan all of the data in your database, and come back with results very quickly about any job that you've completed or are currently working on. We have included many powerful features in this desktop application and once you go through the training videos that walk you step-by-step to use a software, you will be acting like a pro, and working on the go with Contractor Estimate Pro.
  • Working On The Go - With Contractor Estimate Pro

Only $99.95

Instant Digital Download - Contractor Estimate Pro